The Cost of Carpet Cleaning in Gerrards Cross and Buckinghamshire

To maintain your carpets condition for many years, you should clean them on a regular basis. Over time, dirt will gather in your carpet, and stains or smells may persist. You may require rapid assistance if there is a spill or an accident. Thankfully, there are several types of carpet cleaning services that may assist in restoring them for a longer period of time.

Carpet cleaners operate on a minimum service charge basis. In the Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield areas, the average minimum service cost of carpet cleaning is estimated to be between £60 and £120. Below are some things to consider when getting a Quote for professional carpet cleaning.

Key factors relating to the price of carpet cleaning.

Size of your property?
When figuring out how much it will cost to clean your carpet, keep in mind the size of your room. A single large room will cost the same as multiple smaller rooms, and you must size by measuring the length and width of the room. As a result, more square meterage equals more money.

What cleaning method is the cleaner using?
Steam cleaning? Shampoo? Dry cleaning? The method with the best results is Steam cleaning. However, each method has its place within the industry for example – if a carpet is made from natural fibres such as Sisal or Seagrass it cannot be cleaned with water so it must be Dry cleaned.

If a carpet is excessively stained this may warrant a higher fee. As each stain must be individually treated which greatly increases the cleaners time at a job if there are multiple stains to treat.

In summary
Prices are size, and condition based. Some carpet cleaners charge a set amount per room. You need to be very careful with this. As it can be very easy to get into disagreements over prices as no two rooms are the same. They may list a base price for a room. But come the day of the clean they may feel the room is bigger/more stained than they expected and may feel they need to charge extra. Which is never good when you have already agreed on a price.